Your Out of Sight Peace of Mind for Home Watch Services

Your Out of Sight Peace of Mind for Home Watch Services

Your Out of Sight Peace of Mind for Home Watch ServicesYour Out of Sight Peace of Mind for Home Watch ServicesYour Out of Sight Peace of Mind for Home Watch Services




Home Watch Services

Sample of weekly program for home watch services (programs vary according to your specific needs)

  • Visual inspection of the home (excluding roof or heights not visible without a ladder
  • Removal of flyers, business cards or papers left on the property 
  • Pick up and secure mail, bring in delivered packages (if applicable)
  • Check for any signs of pest infestation or activity
  • Ensuring your personal contractors (ie: pool care, landscaper, exterminator) are in compliance with your agreed scheduled contracts
  • Run water in sinks, tubs, washing machine to prevent sewer gases backing up  into home
  • Check Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Refrigerator, Freezer, replacing  baking soda as needed. Open windows for ventilation cross breeze &  refresh air  (No more coming home to stale odors.  All  appliances are ready to use)
  • Flush  toilets, check angle stops, under sinks, etc. for evidence of leaks
  • Visual  check on hot water heater, air handler, for leaks, rust or visual abnormalities,  change filters as pre-determined by you
  • Ensure trickle chargers on stored vehicles are in working order and undamaged, including exposed plugs, wires (ie: lamps, toaster ovens) 
  • Verify thermostats, lights (indoors or exterior) are set per your instructions 
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secured
  • Visual check of ceilings to catch potential roof leak issues
  • Storm checks: Monsoons, etc. Arrange any emergency services if required


Your IHS-AZ Personal Program will consist of our Standard Maintenance Plan combined with your specific requirements.

Our goal is for you to leave your vacation home confident it will be cared for and maintained properly to ensure your return will be as pleasant and seamless as possible.

Examples of Concierge Services:


  • Stock refrigerator and pantry, as requested, prior to your return
  • Start and run vehicles (Car wash, Oil check, Fill tank)
  • Arrange for housekeeping services (refreshing bed linens, towels, dusting, etc.)
  • Rinsing off & setting up backyard & patio furniture
  • Making dinner reservations, or setting up fresh snacks for your arrival – (Bagels, Fresh Fruit, or a special take out order? Special occasion? Wine or other beverages chilled and ready) 
  • Set out fresh menus, info on new restaurant openings, community newsletter 
  • Set up fresh water, food, toys, treats & bedding for pets
  • Celebrating something special upon your return, and you want to surprise someone? Let us know what you’re looking for! We’ll make it happen!

If you don’t see it on the list, let us know …

Have another idea, a craving, an errand … let us know …

Coming back to your vacation home should be like going on vacation!!

Let us handle it for you.


Let IHS_AZ create a customized plan and quote for your home.

Your home.....Your way!!!

Email us at  or call us:  (602) 321-5283 today!!